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The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is now available for all GLOCK Pistols, including AirSoft GLOCKS.

The front sight is a newly engineered design that cannot be found on any other sighting system.  The primary function of positioning hexagon shapes on the front post sight is to absorb light from reflecting back into the shooters face, thereby, allowing the shooter to maintain focus on the threat and not on reflected light. On close examination of the front sight, you will find multiple hexagon shapes that are embedded into the front post.  All of the shapes are positioned on a 45 degree angle to absorb and deflect a shooters worst enemy, reflected light.  Research data shows that this configuration reduces the reflective area of the surface of the front sight post by an estimated 83.3%.  A clear and unobstructed focus on a threat is critical in a combat shooting situation, and anything that can be done to reduce distractions to the shooter is a major benefit to a successful lethal encounter.

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1) Over Molded Metal Core Components with HexZite-22™, a Glass Filled Metal Replacement Engineering Casting Polymer that is temperature stable, chemical resistant and more "robust" than Carbon Steel. This Polymer is of the same type currently found in the Glock Pistol, with composition improvements to better meet the requirements.

2) And a totally new "user friendly" mounting system that does not require custom fitting or gunsmithing

3) Also included in the set are three varying height Front Sights, with the much improved "honeycombed" sight face to better accommodate the fast and consistent "Zero" on each pistol.

The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is 100% Made in the U.S.A. 

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Reviews and Feedback

  • Playing the Angles
    Cover Story, Handguns magazine, June/July 2008
    • "I first became interested in Sheehan's work several years back, and after working with the HexSite® sights, I began to see what he had accomplished. It is an extremely interesting concept, based on a unique blend of science, superior craftsmanship, physiology, and more than jsut a little dash of Zen."
    • Read more ...
  • Officer Michael Lupachini
    Upton, MA Police Department Firearms Instructor
    • (1)  (Michael Lupachini to Michael E. Conti, author of “POLICE PISTOLCRAFT:  The Reality-Based New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training”)
      “Going through your book a second time for key points …. for presentation to my Chief/Dept. for improving our overall firearms training …. using ‘New Paradigm’ methods.  Is it OK to use information from your book to develop a power-point presentation? …. if you already have something on disk/CD I would be happy to use it …. save me the work  Also, I have been running ghost ring sights on my P-226 .40 and Glock .40 for quite some time now.  The HexSite® seems to be an improvement.  Are they available somewhere?  I’d like to try them out.
      Mike Conti respondsMike Lupachini is a member of MLEFIAA, and his department’s firearms instructor …. his innovative work was noted in ‘POLICE PISTOLCRAFT ’ (Appendix Q).  His idea of a PowerPoint® presentation has been added to this website (hhp://www.sabergroup.com) available for enhancement of any presentations to improve departmental firearms training programs.  Thanks to Mike Lupachini for another great idea!  Also, info on HexSite® Sighting Systems available on same website.
    • (2)  (Michael Lupachini to Tim Sheehan, Goshen Enterprises, after subsequent HexSite® installation on his Glock 22):
      “Hexsite® is a vast improvement over the ghost ring I had on my Glock 22.  During my week of SWAT In-Service Training, target acquisition was much quicker … in close combat, speed is survival ….  On automated steel plate drills/competition, HexSite® was awesome …. deadly to all steel which dared to stand before it.  When doing ‘target focused’ (point-shooting) drills, HexSite® was ‘there’, although, again, I didn’t consciously realize that I was looking at the target through the sight …. speed = survival.  HexSite® is a technological improvement on a sight design … someday, maybe the firearms industry will realize the sights they are offering on their combat-type handguns are vastly inferior to the HexSite®.  It has taken awhile for police firearms training to move from ‘Marksmanship/Target Shooting’ to more realistic ‘Combat’ method …. the same will happen with the HexSite® … you have a great product.  I will be getting a Glock 27 soon …. will be sending that to you for another HexSite®.”
    • Read the entire Testmionial ...
  • Chief Jared L. Zwickey,
    Stockton, CA

    Police Officer, 1965-1977; Cpl, 1977; Sgt, 1977-1982; Lieut, 1982-1991; Capt, 1991-1993; Chief of Police, Tracy, CA 1993-1997; Presently: Coordinator of Public Safety Training Programs; Director of the POST Basic Police Academy and the State Fire Marshal Firefighter 1 Academy, San Joaquin County Delta College, Stockton, CA.
    • (Chief Zwickey to Michael E. Conti, author of “POLICE PISTOLCRAFT: The Reality-Based New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training”)
      “I reviewed your book …. well written, covering multiple subjects critical to police shooters.  As trainers review facts …. distances and number of shots fired by the police, …. we can see how point shooting is so critical to survival of the officer.  Rarely are sights …. ever used …. it is all reactionary shooting.  We were able to extract …. material we plan to use to augment our training program …. Airsoft technology is an excellent vehicle for this transition.  We will be able to talk further and share some very positive results from the beta study we are doing on the HexSite®.  I think it is a great innovation that will save time and money to train new shooters.”
    • Read the entire Testimonial ...
  • Ronald F. Bacigalupo
    Tracy, CA

    Chief Rangemaster, San Joaquin Delta College Public Safety Center, Stockton, CA, since 1998; Range Lieutenant for California Department of Corrections at Richard A. McGee Basic Correctional Officer Academy, July 1996 through July 2002; also served on the POST panel.
    • “On 9-23-06, I assisted in hosting a Firearms seminar so that Goshen Enterprises could introduce the HexSite® to qualified police Rangemasters in the Stockton Area.  The introduction …. by Tim Sheehan was very dynamic and informative.  It was obvious that Tim knew what he was talking about …. made sense to all those present.” …. “I am currently looking at HexSite® for all of my firearms …. many advantages over the traditional ‘bladed’ sight in a combat or reactive situation” …. “On the security side …. ITG will continue to support showing the Hexsite® to other students …. Delta College is proposing to establish training with the HexSite® in its next academy …. has already converted several handguns to the HexSite®.”
    • Read the entire Testimonial ...
  • Chief of Police Thomas L. Klose
    City of Sanger Police Department
    1700 Seventh Street, Sanger, CA
    Law Enforcement -- 38 years as Police Officer, and Department Firearms Instructor.
    • “I want you to know how much I enjoyed your class in Stockton, California, on Saturday and
      Sunday, Sept. 23 and 24, 2006 …. I found your explanation of the (HexSite®) design and sighting method …. to be very sound …. I am a veteran Law Enforcement Officer of 38 years and have been teaching firearms the majority of that time to other law enforcement officers and academy cadets ….

      “(On) our range this past week …. (I) qualified with the Glock 23, the one you …. put the HexSite® on …. My shot grouping was much better than it ever has been at 25 yards ….  I fired my standard Glock Model 22 with Trijicon® night sights and my shot grouping didn’t even come close to what I shot with the Hexsite® system …. I am truly excited about your HexSite® system …. I have also introduced it to my range masters …. The toughest part is retraining older shooters to look at the target and not the sights, after looking at the sights for so many years ….

      “ …. The bottom line is very simple …. Your sight system works and works very well …. a  system very much worth the time and effort …. to teach to others …. I firmly believe it will save police officers’ lives in the future …. I will do my best to spread the word about your HexSite® system.” 
    • Read the entire letter ...
    The Reality-Based New Paradigm
    of Police Firearms Training

    Excerpt from the book by Michael Conti
    Now released by Saber Press.
    • Unlike conventional iron sights, the HexSite has been designed to allow the operator to focus on the target, not on the sights, while keeping both eyes open. Due to the unique design of the HexSite, the operator is able to do just that while still benefiting from the presence of the sights. That is because the HexSite has been designed to be looked through, not at, while the operator is engaged in combat.
    • The extensively-machined rear aperture offers 16 angular reference points that, according to Tim and experienced by me, for one are subconsciously accessed when the pistols sights are aligned with the eye. As a result of the recessed concavity at the rear of the aperture, a truly dark shadow that does not reflect light is produced, resulting in the desired lowest value. Because this shadow is so much darker than the surrounding environment, maximum contrast with the target in every lighting condition is achieved. The effect for the eyes is to perceive the target through the sight as being brighter or of higher value, resulting in better focus on the target.
    • Read Appendix T, An Eye on Handgun Sight Development

  • NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Program
      Member Tested and Recommended Program  --  EVALUATION

      “Monday, June 05, 2006

      “Thank you for participating in our ‘Member Tested and Recommended Products Program.’  The HexSite™ has been tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association.  Your overall score was a 4.53.  The NTOA Member Tested and Recommended logo may be used solely on the specific product that was tested.

      “Attached with this letter is the Member Tested Logo which can be used on marketing pieces for this product and a copy of the reviews.  This review will soon be published in the Tactical Edge journal, the Member Tested Product Review Guide, and the NTOA website.”

      TESTER  –  Tested by a police officer from New Jersey   –   Individual Score 4.83.

       …..   “Lt. Russell Leffert    …..  an excellent target and tactical shooter  …..  accepted an invitation by Sheehan to go out to a local range in the desert and shoot some of Sheehan’s pistols fitted with his HexSites™.  Lt. Leffert explained he had shot better using the HexSite™ than ever before  …..  target acquisition was much faster  …..  number of hits to center mass had definitely increased while his group size to center mass had decreased.”
      “When Lt. Leffert received his new Sig from Sheehan, as well as a P220 .45 caliber test weapon, each with installed HexSites™, it was time to go to the range  …..  and shoot.  To sum it up, the sight works and works well.  At our next semi-annual firearms qualifications, each officer shot the test P220 well and provided positive feedback about the HexSite™.”

      (When our Department chose to equip with Sig pistols)  …..  “their company  …..  as a promotion to law enforcement  …..  provided factory installed Tritium sights (night sights) on their weapons at no additional charge  …..  a value of approximately $100 per weapon, and the fact that statistics show that 2/3rds of all officer involved shootings occur during reduced light, the Tritium sights became the logical choice.”

      …..  “Evaluation of the HexSite™ system  …..  is as follows:  …..  The HexSite™ system maintained a high level of visual acuity during all conditions.  The difference in contrast between the front sight post and rear aperture was constant at all levels of light.  …..  I am convinced that the HexSite™ system is superior to night sights.” 

      …..  “Department Changes:  The Department decided to no longer issue the standard notch and post.  Instead we use the HexSite™ Sighting System by Goshen Enterprises.”  (Tritium sights have been replaced by HexSites™)

      TESTER --  Tested by a police officer from Pennsylvania  --  Individual Score 4.23.

      …..  “I recently evaluated a new iron sight system design called the HexSite™ Sighting System.  …..  I was provided with a Colt AR15 upper with a prototype adjustable rear sight, a Remington 870 and a Colt 1911 Commander.”

      …..  “As stated on their web site  …..  ‘The hexagonal aperture draws the human eye to its precise center.’  I found this to be true.  I experienced this by the feeling that target acquisition and sight alignment were very fast.”

      …..  “I did not find any fault with the sights, in fact I liked them.  I tried to remain objective, but after many, many years of shooting with traditional sights I think that it would take a little more
      time than I had to become proficient with the HexSite™ system, a point that is made on the web site.”

      …..  “on a shotgun the system works well.”

      …..  “This system has potential benefits for departments who have problem shooters.  …..  As an experienced shooter I did not find an personal advantages to the system.  As a firearms instructor, had I taken some of my problem shooters to the range to test the system this review may have been different.”

    • Read the entire recommendation
  • Testimonial from [Staff Sgt., currently deployed]
    HexSite® Combat Effectiveness

    United States Army
    • "I found that during the day it was easier to concentrate on the target with the HexSite because I did not have to line up dots. The more I was able to concentrate on the target, the tighter my sight refinement became."
    • Read the full Evaluation
  • Testimonial from Joseph Redondo,
    former Arizona police officer, Sedona Arizona
    1979-1988 Arizona police officer, including periodic special assignments with FBI and DEA; followed by completed course of study at Texas executive protection school; then four years as executive protection specialist; several years as defensive tactics instructor
    • “As a former police officer/undercover narc, who has collected and shot a variety of weapons, I was always puzzled by the logic of illuminating sights on any firearm. In a hostile building search or unlit alley, I want to see the downrange threat through my sights, without focusing on bright, blinding foreground dots, and then taking precious seconds re-focusing on the threat. But when Tim Sheehan of Goshen suggested I try his HexSites™, mounted on pistols, submachine guns, and a 12-gauge riot gun, I admit wondering ‘How could iron sights impress me’?”
    • …. “Oh my god! …. designed to be used with both eyes open, HexSites™ seem to line themselves up and create an immediate sight picture of the target with no obstructions. And they actually make the target seem brighter. This remarkable sight gives better overall vision of the downrange target area.”
    • “After seeing for myself, I believe this sight will alter, and perhaps revolutionize current thinking in the area of iron sights. Worthy of use on a world class firearm.
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Evaluation by Sgt. D. J. MacMinn
    Supervising Firearms Instructor
    Warren Township Police Department, 44 Mountain Blvd., Warren, N. J. 07059
    • “The HexSite® maintained a high level of Visual Acuity in all conditions. As a firm user of night sights, for 20 years, I am convinced that the HexSite® is superior to night sights.”
    • “…..increases Visual Symmetry.”
    • “…..as to Visual Focus, the officers’ past training was to focus on front sights and make the target a blur. We changed that -- trained them to “look through” the HexSite® and focus on the target. It took a little time, but the results were positive.”
    • “…..If ever there was one piece of equipment to raise the confidence of an officer’s shooting ability, the HexSite® is it. All comments about the sights were positive….. better able to see the target…..better able to make a quicker, more positive target acquisition.”
    • “…..significant improvement in two areas of officers’ qualification scores: increase of raw scores by 60%and, more important, 76% of the officers reduced their center mass group size.”
    • Read the full evaluation
  • Report by John G. Jacobs
    System Evaluator/Consultant/Instructor, AntiTerrorism Programs
    Proactive Solutions, Darien, GA
    1984-1992 OIC, U.S. Border Patrol Academy Firearms Training Unit, Glynco, GA
    1996-1999 – Assistant Chief, National Firearms Unit, Altoona, PA
    • “HexSite® ….best mechanical sight system I have tested in the area of Visual Acuity
    • “…..offers a profound increase in Visual Symmetry that does not occur in other sight systems.”
    • “…..As for change in point-of-Focus value…..HexSite® not only worked well on its own merit, but actually improved my ability to properly use conventional sights.”
    • “…..on Robustness (effectiveness in any light source) -- HexSite® is significantly more Robust than conventional sights, including fiber optic systems.”
    • “…..an excellent advancement in design of combat sights for use by military, by law enforcement, and by private individuals.”
    • “…..designed to withstand daily use in harsh environments.”
    • “…..the HexSite® meets or exceeds all claims regarding effectiveness.
    • Read the full report
  • A Hit in Time by Ben Evans and Ken Lamb
    • “We were asked to run two thorough statistical tests to prove or disprove that the HexSite® sighting system is as fast as the ghost ring sight in target acquisition and, at the same time, as accurate as the standard post-and-notch sight.
    • In this battle of speed and accuracy the HexSite® sighting system won hands down over the regular sight and was slightly faster than the ghost ring due to the higher number of misses with the ghost at that level of speed.”
    • HexSite® …. performed considerably faster at acquiring the target and hitting it, and had less deviation from the average, making it more predictable.”
    • “ …. Using the standard sight on two metal plates, I missed more often on the second plate, which was off at 90-degrees, than I did with the “HexSite®, an indication of the standard sight’s propensity to over swing past the target.”
    • “The main advantage of the HexSite® …. over the ghost ring was in terms of accuracy at speed. It’s harder to line up the front sight in that plain, featureless circular rear. There’s nothing to reference off of at speed, resulting in misses. The HexSite® gives the acclimated shooter reference-points to center the front sight in at speed, and it naturally draws the front sight into its center, as if it were self-correcting.
    • “The best group in the 25-yard accuracy test, fired with the HexSite® sighting system, was an amazing 1.625 inches, aided greatly by the HemisHex™ front sight, which locked the target into place for me better than the regular front sight.”
    • “As a defensive shooter, if I can get a “hit in time” quicker and more accurately using the HexSite®, that is a WIN-WIN."
    • Read the full report
  • Testimonial from Jim Brockman
    Owner, Brockman’s Custom Gunsmithing, and Brockman’s Rifles
    • “I’ve been well-known over the past 10 years for customizing firearms for big game hunting and have designed and developed a number of aperture/ghost ring sights. After working with the HexSite®, I believe I have spent a lot of time developing products the HexSite® has surpassed.”
    • “…..golf balls and 4” clay targets are an extreme, unfair test, BUT I HIT THEM.”
    • “I concentrated on the target and gun handling, and everything else was automatic.”
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Testimonial from Scott A. McClure
    U. S. Border Patrol Agent, Ajo, Arizona
    • “With the HexSite®, speed to target acquisition and sight alignment is far superior to post-and-notch. Thank you for inventing such a great tool for those of us who want to better our performance in pistolcraft.”
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Testimonial from Harley Thompson
    Major, Ret. Badge #6, Arizona Department of Public Safety
    • “At the range, I hit everything I shot the first time around. What is amazing about the HexSite® is that everything is automatic. You look, identify, shoot and hit.”
    • Read the full testimonial  

  • Testimonial from Randy Shultz
    Investigations Division, City of Carlsbad CA Police Department
    2560 Orion Way, City of Carlsbad Police Department, Carlsbad, CA 92008
    • “Your HexSite® system, based on lifesaving principle and technique, is long overdue.”
    • “In the moment of life and death, focusing on the threat is primary. You bring the gun up to the point, and it’s there every time. I’m glad I can carry my HexSite® with me every day on the job.”
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Testimonial from Ivan Klecka
    Foreign Services Officer, Ret., Sedona AZ
    • “Despite very serious eye problems, I look through the rear sight, past the front sight, concentrate on the target, and hit it. Consistently. The HexSite® significantly facilitates a smooth, steady and flowing trigger pull.”
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Testimonial from Kenneth A. Johns
    Superior Court Judge, Ret., Sedona AZ
    • “Your HexSite® is “the solution” to accurate target acquisition and contact. It will create more excellent shooters than any other device I’ve ever heard of, seen or experienced. For the first time in my life, I see, HOLD and FOLLOW a target time after time. Thank you for giving me back my .45 semi-auto.”
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Testimonial from Joseph Knauer
    Sedona Arizona
    • “At 70 years of age, using bifocals with standard sights, I had to continually raise and lower my head to get a picture of either the target or the gunsights. With my new HexSite® on my Colt Mark IV, Series 80 automatic, I do not have to raise or lower my head and – just point and shoot – and I get 3-inch groups.”
  • Testimonial from H. N. O’Connor
    Capt. USN Ret., Sedona AZ
    • "My first exposure to your open hexagonal sight involved a Colt .45 ACP. It was most
      difficult for a “bullseye” shooter to convince my eyes that I did not need a Bo-Mar (target adjustable notch rear sight) to hit the target. Your hands-on explanation and specific direction got my attention despite many years of ingrained discipline."
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Testimonial from Robert A. Smith
    Law Enforcement 1971-94, Military 1965-67
    1983 - 1994 Deputy Chief of Detectives-Somerset County Prosecutors Office, New Jersey
    Administration, Commander Narcotic Strike Force and Organized Crime
    Taskforce, 7-83 to 3-94. 1988 Program Coordinator First Class, Recruit
    Training State Sanctioned Police Academy, Certified Police Firearms
    Instructor, 1-88 to 4-88
    1980 - 1983 Chief of Police, Warren Police Department, New Jersey, 4-80 to 7-83
    1973 - 1980 Patrolman, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Warren Police Dept. 3-73 to 4-80
    1971-1973 Patrolman, Patrol Division, Plainfield, New Jersey, 10-71 to 3-73
    1965 - 1967 United States Army, US51594120, Honorable Discharge, Sergeant E-5
    1967 Platoon Sergeant/Drill Instructor, Basic Training COAl BN 3BCT BDE, Fort Dix, NJ
    1966 -1967 Viet Nam - 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry 4th Division Combat Unit MOS 11H40
    Infantry Direct Fire Crewman, Sergeant E-5
    • "Your sight is a first of a kind, remarkable and the state-of-art sighting system that WORKS, especially under stressful situations. I have used your sight and it works."
    • "I want to see this sight installed on all military weapons that it is suitable for, along with police agency duty weapons, shotguns and rifles."
    • "The law enforcement community .... retraining is simple. This is not traditional target shooting; IT IS a natural instinctive fighting response. "
    • ..."the HexSite® system on a Remington 870 while firing slugs is unbelievable, to say the least. Last, but not least, the HexSites™ on my 1911s are second to none."
    • "In 1966-67 in my infantry unit 40K northwest of Pleiku along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, I would have felt much more comfortable with your HexSite® on my M-16."
    • Read the full testimonial
  • Evaluation by Daniel Lambert, PA-C, B Maci
    Visual Performance and Sight-Target Acquisition from Neuophysiologic Perspectives



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